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Frequently Asked Questions

How does working with an interior designer differ from working with a contractor? 

An interior designer's focus is to not only consider functionality and form but to create thoughtful, elevated and cohesive spaces that are reflective of their client's visions and goals. A contractor oversees and manages a renovation or new build until completion. Contractors manage subcontractors and skilled trades in ensuring the designer's vision is carefully executed as well as working in tandem with architects and engineers while adhering to state specific laws, codes and requirements. 

What is the benefit of working with a design-build firm?

Working with a design-build firm allows for a smooth and cohesive design-build process from initial planning of the remodel, concepts and renderings to execution of high level architectural details.  The communication of designer and contractor is an integral part of providing our clients with the best service in order to create a home that feels like an extension of who our clients are and how they live. This is a collaborative process where both designer and contractor are able to work directly with our clients to ensure that their goals and need for the space are considered and implemented while thoughtfully designing well-curated functional spaces that are made to endure the test of time. 

What is 'turn-key' interior design?

Turn-key interior design is a design service that takes the project from concept phase to fruition. We take great care in handling all aspects of the design process from initial design concept to renderings, sourcing, ordering and procurement as well as interfacing with our skilled tradespeople to ultimately installing every final piece of furniture and decorative object so that all you have to do is turn the key to your newly designed or remodeled space. 

How are your designs presented? Is there an opportunity for revision?

We present our concepts in person during our in-person client presentation. This is the time when sample selections are provided and the design is talked through while utilizing 3D renderings so that you can begin to fully envision your home. Following the presentation, there is time allotted for revisions in order to achieve exactly what our clients envision for their space. This is truly a collaborative process and we are always open to feedback during the design process. 

What is a typical project timeline like?

Every project is different depending on scope of work. A new build project can take about a year or more to complete whereas a renovation and whole home furnishing can take approximately 8-12 months to complete. It is ideal to reach out 4-6 months prior to starting your project. Allocating time prior to construction for the design and procurement process provides the benefit of a more streamlined remodel process. 

How are design and construction fees determined?

Every project is unique with respect to client preferences, budget, challenges, and timeline. We carefully consider each client project when crafting our proposals and estimates for each client. 

What areas do you currently work in?

We work in the greater Los Angeles area and are based in Calabasas, CA. 

How can I contact you about working together?

You can inquire here or contact us via email at

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