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After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and working some 15 years in Luxury Fashion, Milysan Kikos and her husband Eli, a contractor with over 8 years of residential remodeling under his belt, decided to launch their own interior design firm. Milysan and Eli spent well over a year remodeling their first home, a fixer- from start to finish together. Combining Eli's technical expertise and Milysan's experience with fine textiles, attention to detail, and love of design the two realized that they not only loved working together but that they should give their dream a go, and ME Design Group was born.


From one bedroom revamps, to full-scale remodeling, ME Design Group assists clients every step of the way to design a space that's uniquely suited to your needs, preferences and personal style. We tackle all from finishes, accessories and furnishings to larger architectural details and remodels. 

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